Why are my products different? January 29 2014

So you might ask, "What makes these products different from what I can get at the grocery store?"

A valid question, I admit. So allow me to elaborate why my products are worth it!

Let me start with a quote from some of my research material, an informative cookbook with great information on Zea Mays: Crazy for Corn, by Betty Fussel.

"Even if you find a whole-grain meal like Arrowhead or Indian Head or White Lily in your supermarket, our distribution chains are such that you cannot know how long the grain has been on the shelf. And that matters. Boy, does that matter."

I mill your order only after I receive it, and I ship it the same day. No other method is feasibly faster at getting you fresh milled goods.

Secondly, I am milling organic corn, and my top priority is organic certification. Compare my products, strictly on price, to any other comparable product on the market. You will find my food the most reasonably priced for the quality you receive (the best).

Lastly, no other mill offers the depth of maize products I offer. Sure, a mill that focuses on wheat and mills de-gerrmed flavorless corn as an afterthought may offer you a dozen iterations of wheat flour blended back together, after the grain has been milled and screened to death...this interests me none whatsoever. Not only do I offer a greater array of corn products to the retail consumer than any other mill, I am adding more novel products very soon.

So give my products a try. You'll see why I'm the best. And stay tuned!