Greater Columbians can buy grits at Provisions! Also: helping some friends. February 03 2014

I owe Mary and the great folks down at Provisions (2843 Millwood Ave) a debt of gratitude for selling my products in their store. I'm rotating the stock weekly to make sure everything is fresh, so stop by and save yourself some money on shipping.They are selling yellow quick grits and roasted white polenta. I am certain this is the beginning of a great relationship!

Also. I got a call from my buddy Eric at City Roots, and I had the pleasure of lending a hand on the urban farm. I think I got promoted to carpenter! I'll be back out there tomorrow, so you will be hearing more about it then.

Meanwhile, I'm headed for a hot bath. all of this typing, filling out forms, and talking on the phone has made me soft, and my butt got kicked today!