Thanks Eva! January 01 2016

Our friend Eva Moore at the Free Times wrote an article about our Real Hominy Grits. Check it out  here

Real Hominy Grits! March 12 2014

Tonight I am proud to announce the introduction of my new product: Real Hominy Grits. It was my goal to make these when I opened. Many claim to make hominy grits, and given the pejoration the term "hominy" has endured (due to a cultural misunderstanding, in my opinion), it could be argued soundly that corn grits really are hominy.

But just as sure as I feel it is weird to say "corn grits," I also feel that hominy grits must be something different than plain old grits. If not, why the distinction? Certainly, there must be something to this notion of "hominy grits." After all my life in the South, I had eaten grits, and I had eaten hominy (out of a can), but I had never eaten hominy grits.  

So I decided to introduce this product. These grits include a portion of that often misunderstood food, hominy (nixtamalized corn), which is dried and blended with fresh corn, then milled coarsely. The finished result is a product that is delicious, unique, and nutritious.

So let other mills throw about the term all they like--but if you want the Real Hominy Grits-- buy them from me! Purchase my Yellow Hominy Grits here.

For those of you who are interested in knowing about nixtamalization, there is a link to a decent Wikipedia page here. It does a good job of explaining the history and benefits of nixtamal, and the sacred relationship Native Americans have with their most important and widely-dispersed cereal.