Stone ground organic corn meal

Welcome to our selection of stone ground organic cornmeal.  Choose from coarse, fine or roasted. Made with organic white, yellow, blue and red corn. Your order is milled freshly upon fulfillment. Our cornmeal is whole-grain and freshly milled, and that makes it completely different from the stuff you find in the supermarket.

Cornmeal is the unsung hero of American cuisine. If you've never had scratch cast-iron skillet cornbread from stone-ground cornmeal, you haven't had real cornbread.

Cornmeal can serve many purposes, though. Fine cornmeal makes a great and simple pancake, otherwise known as a hoecake, although fine cornmeal makes great cornbread also.

Blended with a little wheat four (or substitute), the potential expands. Cookies (or pizelles) are delicious and well within the skill difficulty of the average home chef.

Dredges for chops, fish, green tomatoes, chicken, as a peel for loaves and pizza, cornmeal is the stuff you need for that.