About Us

Thank You for visiting The Congaree Milling Company. My Name is Ken DuBard, and I own The Congaree Milling Company. It is my goal to provide the best organic grain products that can be bought on the market today. I have a stone-burr mill that is dedicated to organic corn. My freshly milled, unenriched, organic, whole-grain corn products are processed in ways that are both ancient and modern, ways that utilize the inherent nutrition in maize while simultaneously enhancing flavor. .

My products include grits, hominy grits, cornmeal, polenta, and flour from organic corn. Additionally, I also mill oats. All from certified organic grain.

Another unique aspect of The Congaree Milling Company is my love of the Native American process of nixtamalization. Nixtamal is an exotic word for a common American food. Among the many foods we eat every day that contain nixtamal are (corn) tortillas, tamales, and hominy. Nixtamaization goes hand-in-hand with maize. It is a simple way to enhance the nutrition in corn, while also creating a unique and robust flavor profile. A very good summary of the process and qualities of nixtamal can be found here.

No other mill in the U.S. currently manufactures Hominy Grits

The Congaree Milling Company is proudly based in Columbia, South Carolina. I have made civic duty and charitable work an integral part of my company. These are not mere tax write-offs, but commitments of time that bring me close to my neighbors through volunteer work.

We are proud members of the South Carolina Specialty Foods Association http://www.scsfa.org/ http://www.scsfa.org/members

We have also volunteered for Sustainable Midlands, a local non-profit that works to make the midlands of South Carolina a great place to live.

I will be blogging about our activities, and we will keep you posted on our new products, recipes, and charitable causes we support. 

Please contact me at my email if you have any questions or comments. Thanks again for choosing The Congaree Milling Company!

My email is kendubard@thecongareemillingcompany.com.