Blue Corn Flour

$ 5.50

Our stone-ground organic Blue Corn Flour is the best you can buy. It is freshly milled and shipped to your door. It is USDA Certified Organic.  It can be used for hoecakes, cornbread, and spoon-bread. Additionally, works great as a dredge for frying, with the result being a uniformly crispy crust. It is gluten-free (we do not mill wheat, barley, or rye). Our Blue Corn Flour is a whole-grain product. Additionally, our stone-ground Blue Corn Flour is a vegan food. It is GMO free.

All of our products are milled from domestic organic corn (grown in the USA).

Blue corn has a robust and earthy flavor, with a nuttiness and hints of umami. The superior quality of the blue corn we mill combined with the freshness of the flour takes the flavor of this product to new dimensions.

The same phytonutrients that make blueberries blue give blue corn its distinctive color, so it is also good for you.

Give it a try in your kitchen!

The Congaree Milling Company is a proud member of the SCSFA.

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