Coarse Blue Corn Meal

$ 5.25

Ground from organic blue corn and nothing else. Perfect for cast-iron skillet cornbread or a batter for frying, or as a base for hushpuppies. It truly makes unforgettable cornbread. Freshly stone-ground from organic blue corn and shipped to your door. 


This cornmeal is a USDA certified organic product. 

Your order is freshly milled upon fulfillment. Our  blue cornmeal is a whole-grain product. This corn meal is completely different from the stuff available in the supermarket. It is also a vegan food.


If you haven't had freshly baked scratch cornbread from freshly ground cornmeal baked in a cast-iron skillet, I could argue you haven't had the real thing.

Cornmeal is the unsung hero of American cuisine.

Stone-burr mills provide a superior milled product compared to conventional high speed mills. The dense mass of granite of the grinding stones in our mill keeps the temperature of the grist low. Since oxidation is the first enemy of freshness, low milling temperatures provide a superior product, as heat speeds up oxidation.

Additionally, we grind to order. The second enemy of freshness is time. Who knows how long your average bag of cornmeal has been sitting on the grocery store shelf, regardless of how it was milled?

Cornmeal can serve many purposes.

Blended with a little wheat four (or substitute), the potential expands. Cookies (or pizelles) are delicious and well within the skill of the average home chef.

Use as a base for hushpuppies, as a dredge for chops, fish, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, as a peel for loaves and pizza, Our cornmeal is the best product available for any of these applications. 

The Congaree Milling Company is a proud memeber of the SCSFA.

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