Roasted Blue Corn Flour

$ 6.25

A delicious and nutritious spin on corn flour. Contains organic blue corn that is roasted in a brick oven and then finely ground.

A USDA Certified Organic product.

Great for breading, or flour blends. 

Our line of USDA Certified Organic stone-ground corn flour is gluten-free. At The Congaree Milling Company, we don't process any wheat, barley, or rye or other of the grains associated with gluten allergies

Corn four makes great cornbread. Hoecakes, johnnycakes, cornmeal pancakes, spoonbreads, and as a blend for gluten-free baking are also great uses for corn flour.

Check out this list of gristmills compiled by author Amy Halloran (thank you Amy!).

Here is a list of gristmills in South Carolina graciously compiled by A very special thanks to Kerri.

We are proud members of the SCSFA.

We attend several farmer's markets in out local area: The Blythewood Farmer's Market, and the Richland County Public Library's Farmer's Market. Come visit us at the Farmer's Market!

We are also pleased to announce that Fundacion Tortilla was kind enough to include us in their directory of all things related to corn and nixtamal. Their primary focus is to preserve the diversity of indigenous corn culture. We are proud to be their allies.

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