Roasted Yellow Cornmeal

$ 6.00

Use this cornmeal for the most memorable cornbread possible. Or for cornmeal dumplings, or hush puppies, or anywhere cormeal is called for.

This cornmeal utilizes the old-fashioned technique of "parching" to unleash a toasty, nutty, popcorn-like flavor. We achieve this with our brick oven. It is a truly special flavor.

A USDA Certified Organic Product.

Great for breading, or flour blends. Check out the hoecake recipe on our blog.

Check out this list of gristmills compiled by author Amy Halloran (thank you Amy!).

Here is a list of gristmills in South Carolina graciously compiled by A very special thanks to Kerri.

We are proud members of the SCSFA.

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